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Putting digital technology at the heart of operations, with confidence.

HeadMind Partners helps clients process their digital risks. Our teams combine technical skills with methodical and technological expertise. Their knowledge of clients and markets and our in-depth understanding of related issues and problems allows them to play a key partnership role, consolidated by a solid foundation in cybersecurity and data science.

Our teams support clients in the following areas of expertise:

Digital Marketing

Exponential growth in data value is a competitive advantage for companies, while simultaneously attracting cyber threats in a rapidly changing environment (Cloud, Data Lake).

We help Data, Business, Technology and Security departments protect their strategic and private data with the latest technological innovations: AI-based data discovery, post-quantum cryptography and homomorphic encryption.

Employee experience

The Associate Experience offer aims to digitise your business processes to better meet your business challenges, while taking into account the constraints of your legacy.

In redesigning your business processes or the applications that support them, HeadMind Partners supports you throughout the project cycle. We operate in all types of sectors, in areas specific to your industry as well as in related fields such as procurement, corporate finance and commercial processes.

Service Management

To facilitate everyday business activities, the quality and agility of IT services are a big priority for IT departments. With its Service Management offer, HeadMind Partners supports you in: 1. Delivering your services within the expected timeframe and quality standards, with controlled costs. 2. Optimising ITSM processes and implementing ITSM transformation. 3. Organising IT departments by aligning business processes with the best market practices (Agile and ITIL) and by establishing an environment of continuous improvement and knowledge management.

Offensive security

Our clients’ digital perimeters are evolving rapidly, leaving them considerably more vulnerable. Attack tools and methods are constantly changing. Our ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks at the earliest possible stage to identify technological weak spots and test our clients’ response before a critical incident occurs.


Nowadays, cyber attacks are taking a heavy toll on companies. Security managers need to be able to detect these attacks in their early stages in order to deploy barriers that will lessen the impact on business. With artificial intelligence, we can help managers develop appropriate detection systems for their risks and establish rapid reaction processes.


Blockchain technology was swept onto the scene by a wave of innovations. Its purpose is to restyle the technical architecture of digital exchanges by eliminating intermediation.  Its key feature is the ability to increase the trust and traceability of these exchanges.

HeadMind’s mission is to support companies in learning about, examining use cases for and implementing blockchain solutions.

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