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Offensive security

Our clients’ digital perimeters are evolving rapidly, leaving them considerably more vulnerable. Attack tools and methods are constantly changing. Our ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks at the earliest possible stage to identify technological weak spots and test our clients’ response before a critical incident occurs.

Our vision

How to evaluate your actual exposure to cybersecurity risks?

Companies and institutions are implementing increasingly complex IT, relying on various organizations and technical components. This complexity, combined with new vulnerabilities being discovered every day, are elements exploited by malicious actors to steal, extort (ransomware) or destabilise them.

Through organizational, physical and technical audits, we identify these vulnerabilities and propose appropriate measures to correct them. Believing, as we do, that an audit is more than just the technical evaluation of a security level, we attach particular importance to understanding our clients’ business issues in order to best assess the impact of our findings on their operations.

We perform a practical and comprehensive assessment, attacking processes, human behaviour and systems.

Our interventions can be classified into 7 main types of audit:

Sécurité offensive

Our strengths

Advanced expertise in auditing and attack simulation

Our auditors have the most stringent certifications: OSCP, SANS, PASSI

Our arsenal is constantly updated with the latest attack techniques

We perform an average of 200 audits per year

Our reports are impactful

Our auditors work with more than 100 cyber risk experts to build a business risk vision.

We have a catalogue of attack scenarios capitalised on all our missions.

We report the results clearly to senior management

A partner you can trust

We are an independent French player, operating in the financial, industrial and defence sectors

Our PASSI LPM* qualification guarantees our expertise, the seriousness of our method and the confidentiality of our interventions

We are known for being responsive and solution-oriented.

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