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Responding to the challenges of social, societal and environmental performance.

HeadMind Partners is committed to an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility policy that is aligned with its business aims.

Employees are our most important asset. As such, HeadMind Partners has made their employability our raison d’être, providing a caring environment, continuous training and numerous development opportunities to help young graduates build their career path.

In practical terms, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy rests on three main pillars:

1. Being a model employer:

Offering unique career path opportunities, enabling skills development and rewarding talent, promoting diversity, all while ensuring our employees’ wellbeing, quality of life at work, social dialogue and satisfaction;

2. Being a responsible actor:

Listening to our stakeholders, delivering quality services and adopting an ethical stance, engaging our partners in a virtuous approach, working towards the UN’s sustainable development goals;

3. Supporting the transition towards a low-carbon economy:

Contributing to the energy transition by reducing our carbon footprint, as well as our clients.

Our commitments to Clients & Employees

UN Global Compact
Bureau Veritas ISO 27001
ISO 27001 certification
ISO 9001 certification
Security Visa
Employer awards

Human capital is the beating heart of our value creation process. To successfully carry out our mission and support our growth, we rely on the Group’s ability to attract and retain new talents to make full use of the expertise and experience of our 1,500 associates around the world. To achieve this, we offer a work environment conducive to employee development: since its foundation, the Group has been structured to promote supervision, mobility, development, training, etc. In conjunction to this, HeadMind Partners has signed the Diversity Charter and the Parenthood Charter:

Since its creation, HeadMind Partners has always been committed to the values of non-discrimination. By signing the Diversity Charter in January 2019, HeadMind Partners formalised their application.

By signing this charter in November 2018, HeadMind Partners is demonstrating its desire to change the company’s approach to parenthood and to create a favourable environment for employee-parents.

Gender Equality Index

of our employees are under 31 years old

of our staff are in the consulting sector

of our employees received training in 2020

certification courses were provided in 2020

Societal – Being a responsible actor

Data protection

Protecting the personal data and confidential information of our clients, partners and employees is one of the Group’s main priorities. The ISO 27001-certified IS policy for the securitisation of client and employee data is applied throughout the Group, in France, Belgium and Brazil.

Sustainable procurement

As part of our procurement policy, the Group has formalised a responsible procurement charter that sets out our expectations of our suppliers and their subcontractors. Our suppliers and their subcontractors are therefore involved in the deployment of our CSR strategy and committed to respecting the charter.

Combating corruption

Integrity and ethical business practices are crucial to the Group’s sustainability. We ensure that all HeadMind Partners employees are transparent in their decisions, acting in compliance with laws and regulations and in such a way as to prevent any form of corruption.

Environmental – Supporting the transition to a low carbon economy

Although our environmental impact is inherently low due to the fundamentally intellectual nature of our services, the HeadMind Partners Group is constantly reviewing its operating methods to reduce its carbon footprint.

Our teams, which are currently in the process of obtaining NR certification, support our clients in their efforts to achieve digital sobriety. Environmental impact, energy consumption, costs – digital technology is responsible for 4% of GHG emissions. As its use surges, it is vital we take the right approach from the start. Our teams are ready and able to assist clients in these matters. 

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