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Management Committee


Chairman & CEO

Guy-Hubert Bourgeois is a natural-born entrepreneur. In 1995, he founded the IT consulting company Devoteam. The company was listed on the stock exchange in October 1999, when Guy-Hubert Bourgeois was awarded the Young Information Technology and Telecoms Executive Prize for his management skills. In September 2000, he continued his entrepreneurial adventure by founding HeadMind Partners, an independent management consulting firm which he has been operating ever since, growing at an average rate of 10% per year.

Group Financial Managing Director

Marie HAIE
Group Secretary General

Global Vice President Cyber Risk & Security and AI & Blockchain

Benoit TOP
Managing Director Digital

Edouard CHON
Managing Director Belgium

Board of Directors



Louis Bazire

Former President of the France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce

Joining the BNP Paribas Group in 1977, Louis Bazire has worked both at head office and in the international network in Mexico, Spain and as CEO of Belgium and Switzerland. As COO, he was responsible for integrating the Investment Banking Systems at the time of the merger between BNP and Paribas. In 2007, he took over as Head of Brazil and Latin America until 2015. Based in Sao Paulo, he was twice President of the French-Brazil Chamber of Commerce. Louis is a graduate of HEC.

Charles Beigbeder

President of Audacia

Charles Beigbeder, CentraleSupélec, is a serial entrepreneur. He notably created Self Trade, which became BoursoBank, then Poweo, now part of TotalEnergies. Audacia, the private equity firm he now chairs, is renowned for its venture capital funds specializing in quantum technologies, new space and 4th-generation nuclear power.

Pierre Bontemps

Founder of Coriolis Télécom

Pierre Bontemps founded Vodafone SA in 1989, making it the first mobile services marketing company in France. In 1998, he took over the company and became Chairman of the new entity, named Coriolis Télécom. In May 2022, he sold Coriolis Télécom to the Altice France group. Pierre is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and holds an MBA from HEC.

Éric Boustouller

Partner C4 Ventures

Éric Boustouller held marketing and sales management positions at Compaq in France and abroad, before becoming President for France and then Western Europe at Microsoft for fifteen years. He was then CEO of Solocal. Since 2021, he has been a partner in the C4 Ventures investment fund. Eric is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris.

Laurence Devillers

University Professor,
Sorbonne University Researcher, Interdisciplinary Digital Science Laboratory, CNRS

Laurence Devillers holds a habilitation to direct research (HDR) in computer science from the University of Paris XI. She has been a project leader at the DATAIA multidisciplinary convergence institute at Paris-Saclay (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) since 2017. She leads a DATAIA Institute project on the ethics of social robotics: Bad nudge Bad robot with researchers in behavioral economics and lawyers. Laurence chairs the Blaise Pascal Foundation for mediation in mathematics and computer science, and is involved in promoting the inclusion of women in science.

Olivier Dousset

President of Compagnie d’Anjou

Sciences Po Paris Graduate and ENA alumnus, Olivier Dousset founded the investment bank Dôme in 1989 (later renamed Dôme Close Brothers, Close Brothers and DC Advisory). He ran the company for almost 20 years before selling it. Since 2010, Olivier has been Chairman of Compagnie d’Anjou, an investment company.

Aurélie Dudézert

University Professor, Institut Mines Télécom Business School Head of IS Lab, specialized in data management and digital transformation

Aurélie Dudézert is Professor of Management at the Institut Mines Télécom Business School and head of the IS Lab at IMT BS. She studies organizational transformations linked to the use of collaborative technologies in work practices. Co-founder of the Observatoire de la Transformation Numérique of the Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises (FNEGE) since 2018, she also addresses new issues and opportunities linked to the digital economy for higher education.

Marie Haie

Independent Board member

She has spent 15 years working for IT engineering services companies (Groupe France Câble et Radio, Sigle Informatique), supporting managers in their administrative, financial and human resources functions. Since 1995, alongside Guy-Hubert Bourgeois, Marie Haie has taken part in the creation of Devoteam, then in 2000 in the creation of Beijaflore, which became Headmind Partners in 2022. As Group Secretary General, she brought her expertise to bear on staff management and optimization of the tools used, ensuring compliance with administrative and legal obligations.

Cédric Villani

Mathematician, University Professor, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Fields Medal Laureate

A former member of the Institut Universitaire de France, Cédric Villani was Director of the Institut Henri-Poincaré. In 2010, he was awarded the Fields Medal, notably for his work on the Boltzmann equation and Landau damping.

He was elected Member of Parliament for Essonne (2017-2022) and Chairman of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST). He was appointed by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to lead a parliamentary mission on Artificial Intelligence.

In 2010, he was promoted to the exceptional class of university professor at Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I. Cédric Villani holds an agrégation in mathematics, a DEA in Numerical Analysis from Sorbonne University, and is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He is a member of the Académie des Sciences and the Conseil Stratégique de la Recherche.

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