Our CSR commitment

Over several years, HeadMind Partners has formulated a CSR ambition fully aligned with its strategic priority: building a more secure and responsible digital society.

In 2023, Ecovadis – the world’s leading CSR rating agency – awarded HeadMind Partners the Platinum medal, taking it into the highly selective club of the top 1% of companies rated.

This rating is very important to HeadMind Partners. This recognises the company’s position as a trusted partner for all its stakeholders (clients, prospects, employees, candidates, suppliers, service providers, etc.).

A demanding CSR policy

All our commitments are faced with increasingly stringent requirements from key account customers and a tightening regulatory framework (CRDS, Climate Law, Energy Transition). HeadMind Partners is continually improving its commitments by implementing an ambitious action plan on the three CSR aspects.

To be a benchmark employer by promoting employability, employee fulfilment and professional equality

To be a trusted partner in building a more secure and responsible digital society, while acting ethically and responsibly towards its stakeholders

Acting for a low-carbon economy by minimising the impact of its activity on the environment


Human capital is the beating heart of our value creation process. To successfully carry out our mission and support our growth, we rely on the Group’s ability to attract and retain new talents to make full use of the expertise and experience of our 1,500 associates around the world. To achieve this, we offer a work environment conducive to employee development: since its foundation, the Group has been structured to promote supervision, mobility, development, training, etc.

Since its creation, HeadMind Partners has always been committed to the values of non-discrimination. By signing the Diversity Charter in January 2019, HeadMind Partners formalised their application.

By signing this charter in November 2018, HeadMind Partners is demonstrating its desire to change the company’s approach to parenthood and to create a favourable environment for employee-parents.

By signing the United Nations Global Compact since 2014, HeadMind Partners is committed to respecting international labor law.

Every 2 years, HeadMind Partners conducts an employee engagement survey.
A survey is also carried out with all our trainees and candidates.


of training on average
per employee


of consultants certified
in 2024


of internal mobility among eligible employees (change of grade, function)


of employees are satisfied with their life balance


Protecting the personal data and confidential information of our clients, partners and employees is one of the Group’s main priorities.
As the first French consultancy firm to be ISO 27001 certified for all its activities, HeadMind has built up a significant arsenal in terms of client and employee data protection and IS security. This commitment is recognised through its ANSSI Security Visa, PASSI / PASSI LPM qualification… and soon PACS.

We work closely with our suppliers to encourage them to take responsibility for CSR issues, by getting them to sign the Responsible Purchasing Charter and training them in our social, societal and environmental expectations. In-house buyers are also made aware of the need to take great care when purchasing services, IT equipment, products and services.
Our suppliers and their subcontractors are therefore involved in the deployment of our CSR strategy and committed to respecting the charter.

Integrity and ethics in business practices are essential to the Group’s sustainability. We ensure that all HeadMind Partners employees remain honest in their decisions, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and act to prevent all forms of corruption. A formal code of ethics has been drawn up to inform and raise awareness among employees of the ethical procedures to be followed.


In line with the ELAN law of April 10, 2020, the group has committed to reducing its energy consumption by 40% by 2030.

HeadMind Partners goes further. As a player in the Digital sector and aware of the impact of this activity on the climate and the environment, we are making Responsible Digital a pillar of our Business and CSR strategy.

In 2022, HeadMind Partners was awarded the Numérique Responsable level 1 label, and aims to obtain level 2 certification in 2024. As a digital player, HeadMind Partners’ responsibility to accelerate the digitization of society means that it must encourage more responsible digital behavior among both its customers and employees. The group applies its principles to itself, notably by opting for Green IT.

HeadMind Partners carried out its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment (BEGES) in 2024 to identify its main sources of GHG emissions and take action on them. To raise awareness among its employees, the firm organizes fun events around these issues, such as participation in E-clean up week and eco-gesture week.