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Confidently mastering and securing your Digital Transformation

HeadMind Partners supports clients in their Digital Transformation projects.

Our teams handle complex environments, project management and, more importantly, they serve as liaisons between Business and IT departments. Whether it’s a project to improve the working environment, implement “ZeroTrust” procedures or detect anomalies, the teams’ involvement is essential.

By relying on HeadMind Partners, our clients give their projects the best chance of success. We support our clients in the following fields of expertise:

Move to Cloud

After a decade of outsourcing IT assets to public clouds, French businesses wish to reclaim cloud services, in the face of a booming market. The global cloud computing market is expected to hit 332 billion by 2021, according to Gartner. HeadMind Partners supports CIOs/CTOs wishing to speed up and industrialise deployment of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Security of digital projects & clouds

In order to adapt, our clients are increasingly deploying new technologies they have not yet fully mastered. HeadMind Partners supports IT managers in designing digital projects securely and migrating them to the cloud.

Modern Workplace

Blockchain technology was swept onto the scene by a wave of innovations. Its purpose is to restyle the technical architecture of digital exchanges by eliminating intermediation.  Its key feature is the ability to increase the trust and traceability of these exchanges.

Graphène’s mission is to support companies in learning about, examining use cases for and implementing blockchain solutions.

Responsible digital technology

Digital technology is responsible for both greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of natural resources. It is also a powerful lever for companies wanting to reduce their ecological footprint and foster social inclusion.

In view of this, HeadMind Partners works with clients to help them develop a suitable and efficient digital strategy that is more sober and less costly. By choosing us, you are helping to make digital technology more responsible.

Customer journey mapping

Nowadays, customer experience is overtaking price as key brand differentiator, to such extent that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a personalized and seamless experience across their customer journey.

This is not surprising given the digital revolution and the crisis context the world is facing. It came up that consumers have become progressively more familiar communicating with brands and doing cross-channel shopping.

Cybersecurity of industrial systems

Today, industrial systems that were designed ten years ago are connected to the internet and subject to heavy attacks. Securing them is essential to containing the operational and human consequences.

We assist industry managers in identifying which components are most exposed to threats and designing solutions tailored to these critical infrastructure operators’ long life-cycle and regulations.

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