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Our mission

To be a trusted partner to the Business, Operational and IS departments of major companies in their digital risk-taking.

The Coronavirus crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of practices and organizations, bringing with it a new set of cyber threats. Companies must contend with a worrying scenario. On the one hand, increased regulations to better secure their digital assets, on the other, continuing the digitisation of their products and services while leveraging their data.

The secure management of digital risks is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Combining technical skills with a mastery of methods and technologies, HeadMind Partners has been involved in building a secure and responsible digital society for 20 years. HeadMind Partners’s knowledge of clients and markets and our in-depth understanding of related issues and problems allows our teams to play a key partnership role, consolidated by a solid foundation in cybersecurity and data science.

HeadMind Partners supports the Business, Operational and IT departments of major companies and SMEs across various sectors in their digital risk management:




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