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Leveraging trust data to drive business strategy

At HeadMind Partners, we believe all digital initiatives should involve a reflection on data collection: its veracity, security and the intelligence it contains.

Our teams ensure that Data becomes an authentic strategic lever to create high value within these different areas of expertise:

Secure data

Exponential growth in data value is a competitive advantage for companies, while simultaneously attracting cyber threats in a rapidly changing environment (Cloud, Data Lake).

We help Data, Business, Technology and Security departments protect their strategic and private data with the latest technological innovations: AI-based data discovery, post-quantum cryptography and homomorphic encryption.

Anomaly Detection

In a market where interactions between different entities are at an all-time high, the need for trust and detection of anomalies and signs of fraud, malfunction and poor quality is now a priority for companies. Our mission is to provide these companies with the necessary AI-based tools to better understand process dynamics and detect anomalies and outliers.

Data driven Marketing

In a Digital environment, tracking of customer behavior is a key success factor. Every customer interaction says something about the performance or the way companies should improve the journey. At Headmind Partners we use those data to support our customers and improve their decision making.

Semantic analysis

With nearly 80% of data being in text format (contracts, emails, regulations, minutes, annual reports, etc.), semantic analysis has become a major issue in the world of business. For example, some words may have similar meanings, but not similar spellings. Mastering these nuances through a detailed textual analysis can be an important lever in terms of growth and operational performance.

NLP methods allow us to understand the text, extract information and exploit it. Graphène’s mission is to develop and provide companies with state-of-the-art semantic analysis solutions (based on NLP) to capitalise on their textual data.

Data Quality Management

Helping data-driven companies build a data ecosystem to guarantee data quality and assist them in data analysis and exploration.

Data Valorization

With its Data Valorisation offer, HeadMind Partners helps companies wishing to use their data to manage and optimise their business and employ the full range of data solutions on the market to create or expand their data ecosystem.

From BI to AI to Big Data, the technological and organisational developments of the past 10 years have been disruptive, resulting in a complex ecosystem. That’s why companies require help in harnessing and storing ever larger quantities of data.

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