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Our vision

How to employ artificial intelligence to detect process anomalies?

To industrialise anomaly detection in businesses, we implemented a cross-functional AI solution. It aims to improve operational performance and decision-making. How? By :

  • Eliminating outliers from analyses through the extraction of intrinsic patterns in data.
  • Anticipating future actions through the identification of specific signatures and deciding the next step accordingly.
  • Detecting signs of abnormal behaviour, thanks to our efficient approach.

The features of our AI solution

Our strengths

An AI toolkit for detection and classification

The detection of behaviours and weak signals is heavily dependent on data, context and application. Composed of various algorithms and approaches, our toolkit allows us to tackle a range of issues.

Strong business expertise

All our AI and data experts are also competent in business, enabling them to gain a deep understanding of a company’s business context and put forward the best possible cutting-edge approach.

Technological partnerships

We have technological partnerships with research institutes such as the Institute for Technological Research (IRT). Thus, our solutions are tested and verified before they are released to clients.

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