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Nowadays, cyber attacks are taking a heavy toll on companies. Security managers need to be able to detect these attacks in their early stages in order to deploy barriers that will lessen the impact on business.

With artificial intelligence, we can help managers develop appropriate detection systems for their risks and establish rapid reaction processes.

Our vision

How can you strengthen your defences against cyber attacks?

Most organizations have security incident management processes in place. However, their internal defences against cyber threats are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of specialised attackers and rapidly changing IT systems (Cloud, IIoT, telecommuting). The use of outsourced components and cloud services reinforces teams’ lack of technological expertise.

The rapid development of targeted attacks, and in particular ransomware, reflects the attractiveness of this activity for growing groups of attackers. Faced with this wave, security teams must be supported by specialists to anticipate, detect and deal with incidents.

We help our clients to have a comprehensive and holistic response on the fortification of their cyber defences. We pilot projects for the selection and deployment of detection products and services, thanks to our use case catalogue. We support their teams’ skills development with our incident response playbooks.

Our solutions


Our strengths

Our expertise in cyberdefense

The best certifications on incident response: GIAC GCIH, GIAC GCFE, HS2 Secublue

Daily monitoring of alerts, vulnerabilities and threats and training on new market solutions: Soar, EDR, MDR, Cloud Log Service…

Publications from our experts on the main attack techniques: MISC, C&Esar

Our operational effectiveness in a global approach to Cyber Defence

Dozens of clients supported in the construction of their SOC.

A systematic and structured approach to evaluating and benchmarking the maturity of our clients’ defences

Our use case catalogue is based on ANSSI, NIST and MITRE standards.

Our integration of AI capabilities in Cyber Defence to detect attacks early and limit their consequences

Consultants systematically trained in Machine Learning and AI technologies

Development of anomaly detection algorithms for privileged users and UEBA

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