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Blockchain to generate trust and traceability

Blockchain technology was swept onto the scene by a wave of innovations. Its purpose is to restyle the technical architecture of digital exchanges by eliminating intermediation. 

Its key feature is the ability to increase the trust and traceability of these exchanges.

HeadMind’s mission is to support companies in learning about, examining use cases for and implementing blockchain solutions.

Our vision

How do you identify and deploy Blockchain solutions adapted to the problems faced by companies?

To solve companies’ problems, numerous solutions exist on the technical level. However, all too often, business constraints exist that make these technologies ineffective, too costly, or complex to implement.

This is where Blockchain comes into its own as an alternative technology, as it responds above all to a business problem.

Following are some examples of the use of Blockchain technology:


Our strenghts in Blockchain technology

A close partnership with NeuroChain

NeuroChain is a French Blockchain protocol that is more powerful and energy-efficient than other Blockchains on the market.

This partnership allows Graphene to offer real Blockchain expertise, covering the whole value chain.

Well-established on the market

Our Blockchain expertise through NeuroChain is recognised by the public investment bank (BPI) as one of the three French Blockchain protocols. The Daily Finance ranks NeuroChain among the top blockchains in France.

Strong consulting expertise

The real advantage of Blockchain is not technological excellence but rather its ability to transform working methods, thanks to the trust it generates.

Consulting advice is therefore crucial to ensure the success of a Blockchain project.

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