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Modern Workplace

HeadMind Partners supports CIOs/CTOs and End User Service Managers who want to modernise their employees’ workspace and align with the flexibility offered by Cloud technologies.

New workplace solutions and Cloud technologies have exploded, so to speak, in order to support new teleworking practices. However, it is vital to guide this transformation by prioritizing the needs of human capital and the growing consumption of Data in business, in order to make the right choices.

Our vision

How do you ensure the construction of a resilient, secure Workplace foundation that is compatible with the digital solutions on the market?

  • Modernise your equipment and enterprise work tools
  • Always be one step ahead and offer innovative solutions to your users
  • Anticipate your users’ needs and adopt a “User-Centric” approach
  • Optimise maintenance and support
  • Automate testing processes and ensure minimal impact during major deployments
  • Communicate effectively about digital projects and tool deployments Make the user an actor of change

Our solutions :

Workspace status

End-to-end user Workplace redesign

Modern Workplace

Governance and support for digital solutions

Change Management

Our strenghts

A User-Centric approach

This approach will help accelerate your modernization of the workspace by putting the user and his constraints at the heart of things.

Independence from leading industry players

HeadMind Partners is an independent company. We do not prescribe technical solutions.

Our sustainable solutions portfolio

Offer a maintainable Workplace in a sustained manner over time.

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