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Cybersecurity of industrial systems

Today, industrial systems that were designed ten years ago are connected to the internet and subject to heavy attacks. Securing them is essential to containing the operational and human consequences.

We assist industry managers in identifying which components are most exposed to threats and designing solutions tailored to these critical infrastructure operators’ long life-cycle and regulations.

Our vision

How to manage the consequences of a cyber attack on an industrial system?

Industrial systems are increasingly interconnected and incorporate vulnerable connected objects (IIoT).

In this sector, managing the relationship with suppliers – whether Tier 1, 2, 3 or more – is extremely complex: support must be adjusted to their maturity and commitment level.Their lifecycle is wholly out of sync with the pace of digital transformation, with technical debt and inadequate, old-fashioned cybersecurity solutions. Cyber attacks exploit accumulated vulnerabilities and weak spots in the subcontractor chain.

We help our clients integrate cybersecurity risk in their industrial risks. We audit suppliers and the technical components of these systems. Lastly, we know how to support large industrial programs (billions of dollars in CapEx) from start to finish.


Our strenghts

A thorough knowledge of industrial technologies

Since 2011, we have conducted 200 technical audits of SCADA/ICS/IIoT system suppliers in the US, Asia and Europe.

A community of certified cybersecurity experts

Our Lab ensures our consultants’ operational knowledge of the main standards and practical training on a factory model prior to certification.

Unparalleled industrial know-how

We have defined and implemented cybersecurity in designs and updates in projects ranging between 10 million and 25 billion euros.

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