Offensive Security

Simulating attacks and auditing systems and organisations.

The information systems of major corporations, so essential to their business, are prime targets for malicious actors. Their attacks are constant, and their tools and techniques are increasingly sophisticated.

To best secure their systems, companies need to have a clear view of their technical perimeter and the potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker. To date, various solutions exist: automated solutions such as vulnerability scans, and Bug Bounty, which relies on a community of ethical hackers.
Companies need to adopt a global approach to cybersecurity auditing, capable of simulating different levels of threat and adapted to the environments under scrutiny.

HeadMind Partners’ ethical hackers simulate real-life, high-level attacks on processes, human behavior, systems and physical environments. Through these organizational, physical and technical audits, a complete assessment is carried out.

Our solutions

Penetration tests

Discover vulnerabilities on the audited information system and verify their exploitability and impact, under real IS attack conditions, in the place of a potential attacker.

Architecture audit

Verify the conformity of security practices relating to the choice, positioning and implementation of hardware and software devices deployed in an information system with the state of the art and with the audited party’s internal requirements and rules.

Configuration audit

Verify the implementation of security practices in line with the state of the art and the auditee’s internal requirements and rules regarding the configuration of hardware and software devices deployed in an information system.

Source code audit

Source code auditing involves analysing all or part of an application’s source code or compilation conditions to uncover vulnerabilities – linked to poor programming practices or logic errors – that could have a security impact.

Organisational and physical audit

Guarantee that the security policies and procedures defined by the auditee comply with the auditee’s security requirements, the state of the art or current standards.

Social engineering

Evaluate the appropriation of best practices by customer IS users, and their ability to detect attacks aimed at extracting information from them or making them carry out malicious actions without their knowledge, in particular by carrying out phishing, vishing and smishing campaigns.

Red Team and Purple team

Assess the overall security of a company or entity, with a view to concealing the approach from the audited perimeter’s defensive teams.

Clients Benefits

  • Trusted service and top-level protection of data relating to vulnerabilities identified by HeadMind Partners
  • Ability to address the high audit volumes expected by companies (massification)
  • Consistent quality guaranteed by a resilient organization
  • Comparative vision of security through all audits performed
  • Cutting-edge expertise in fast-developing technologies
  • High responsiveness to customer requests


Constant R&D (around 20% of auditors’ time on average) to test and develop new attack techniques


  • PASSI LPM qualification, the highest level of qualification for audit activities issued by ANSSI.
  • An offensive team of over 25 experts for technical audits and 25 experts for organizational audits
  • More than 300 audits completed by 2023
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