Large Language Model

Use state-of-the-art semantic analysis solutions to add value to textual data.

With 80 to 90% of data in text form (contracts, e-mails, regulations, minutes, company annual reports, etc.), textual data is at the heart of business processes: search engines, ticketing solutions, support teams, etc. En novembre 2022,In November 2022, OpenAI made ChatGPT, a Large Language Model (LLM), available, demonstrating the successful real-world application of generative AI to businesses and the general public, propelling straight to the top of the list of corporate concerns and technological solutions to be adopted to boost operational and financial performance.

Companies face three major challenges in mastering the art of text data enhancement: specific knowledge of natural language processing models, the use of adapted infrastructures (GPU servers) to use LLM on a large scale, sovereignty of solutions and data protection to secure usage.

As a trusted partner to its clients, the HeadMind IA NLP (Natural Language Processing) team develops and provides companies with state-of-the-art semantic analysis solutions to add value to their textual data.

Our solutions

Applied LLM
  • LLM integration in large-scale enterprises
  • LLM control
  • Optimizing LLM use
  • LLM training on verticals and customer data
Intelligent Document Processing
  • Data extraction from unstructured documents
  • Text recognition in images
  • Document summarization
Knowledge Management

This solution supports decision-making processes and encourages innovation within companies:

  • Search engine
  • Virtual assistant
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Satisfaction analysis in customer comments
  • Identification of frequent requests in ticketing systems and support e-mails
  • Analysis of telephone exchanges for telecoms

Client Benefits

  • Companies can quickly access the latest methods for making the most of and generating text
  • Our expertise in natural language > transform these vast quantities of textual data into valuable, usable information
  • HeadMind Partners’ experts set up systems that not only safeguard and continually update knowledge but also make it easily and intuitively accessible to all employees > maintains a living, evolving knowledge base


Time dedicated to R&D and the development of on-premise solutions, made available to companies.


  • A pool of PhD students and engineers, all experts in the field of LLM (conducting numerous concrete NLP use cases, in-depth knowledge of strategies)
  • Servers equipped with latest-generation GPUs, hosting state-of-the-art technologies
  • The synergy between the NLP department and the cybersecurity team reinforces data protection and ensures information sovereignty, a crucial aspect in the processing of sensitive textual data
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