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In today’s dynamic business environment, information management is becoming a crucial issue. Companies are looking for solutions to store and secure their content, making it quickly and easily accessible to their teams and partners.

Technologies evolve rapidly, and so do business needs! CIOs need to integrate into their ecosystem solutions capable of ensuring optimal management of their content, while meeting market challenges such as AI integration, automation, or the growing adoption of cloud-based solutions.

Today’s ECM providers are striving to offer more agile and integrated solutions. Our expert HeadMind Partners consultants can help you define and choose the content management solutions best suited to your ecosystem, and support you in deploying these solutions. From optimizing your business processes to helping you deploy advanced solutions, our expertise also includes integrating our artificial intelligence engine into your IS. Benefit from intelligent content management that automates tasks, improves search and facilitates data analysis, for optimum operational performance and more secure management of your document flows.

Our solutions

Audit current content management processes
  • Process and content mapping
  • Study of inter-application flows to ensure efficient communication between the various components
  • Assessment of system architecture to guarantee IS robustness and scalability
  • Analysis of usage, recommendations for improvement covering all services
Helping you define your dematerialization strategy
  • Analysis of functional requirements and diagnosis of existing systems
  • Definition of strategic areas for improvement in terms of tools and usage
  • Advice on the choice of the most appropriate solution (e-signature, EDM, ECM, CAS, CLM, electronic invoicing, BPM, etc.)
  • Document archiving and retrieval strategy
Frame and manage the deployment of ECM solutions
  • Framing of calls for tender and RFP management
  • Support in choosing the most appropriate ECM solution and integration with your ecosystem (ERP, CRM, Cloud solutions, APIs, AI) with a view to digital sobriety
  • Takeover and modernization of existing systems via a migration plan
  • Support for teams in implementing, deploying and using the solution
Deploying AI in your IS
  • Analysis of specific business needs
  • Customization and integration of our MindSearch solution to meet your company’s requirements
  • Testing and validation
  • Change management support
Securing and protecting sensitive documents
  • Identification of potential points of vulnerability
  • RGPD compliance (storage time, storage location, traceability)
  • Analysis and follow-up of anomalies and incidents

Clients Benefits

  • Improve performance by enabling quick and easy access to documents > Improve decision-making, reduce lead times, cut costs
  • Integrate the significant benefits of AI into your IS
  • Ensure the resilience of your business > Reduce legal risks, secure data


A Lab for training on the basics of ECM and capitalizing on the knowledge of our experts, for the production of toolkits that can be re-used by companies, and for the continuous upgrading of consultants’ skills.


More than thirty consultants are mobilized to meet the Think/Build/Run needs of major corporations in public and private cloud environments.

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