Sustainable Digital ambition

Label Numérique Responsable niveau 1

HeadMind Partners, certified as a Digital Sustainable Company in 2022!

Digital Responsibility is a continuous improvement approach that aims to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies (ICT)/digital solutions.

As a consulting firm specializing in Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence, TNICs are our production tool. In 2022, HeadMind Partners has formalized its Responsible Digital Ambition, a true pillar of the Company’s mission – to build a more secure and responsible digital society – and of the Group’s CSR strategy, with the aim of meeting the challenge of ecological and inclusive transition.

Aware of the impact of digital technology on the climate and the environment, HeadMind Partners initiated a Level 1 “Responsible Digital” certification process for the Group in early 2022. The Group was awarded this label at the beginning of July 2022. This continuous improvement approach aims to limit, on our own scale, the impact of our digital solutions on the climate and the environment, and to be a benchmark partner on Responsible Digital for our customers.

An action plan to achieve Level 2 by 2024:

In 2022, the HeadMind Partners Group has strengthened its Responsible Digital Ambition by formalizing its action plan.

1/ Integrating Responsible Digital Technology as an essential component of our CSR commitment

  • Formalization of our NR policy and adoption of a continuous improvement approach
  • Signing of the NR charter
  • Definition and monitoring of performance indicators

2/ Raising awareness, training and acculturating our employees to the challenges of the ecological transition

  • Develop digital eco-gestures to be adopted on equipment and in the use of software, applications and remote services.
  • Integrate NR into the Training Policy (Awareness and Certification) & into skills development – set objectives by population
  • Promote the NR approach throughout the year and over the long term (Events, Communication, Monitoring)

3/ Structuring a more “Green IT” policy to meet the challenges of the ecological transition

  • Apply an IT equipment management policy (hardware, applications, software, connection networks, information, activities, processes, etc.). Evaluate the environmental footprint of this mapping.
  • Promote more sustainable use of all our equipment. Extend the life of rental contracts. Preference for EPAT-certified equipment. Recycling end-of-life equipment through eco-organizations…
  • Promote eco-design of digital services: opt for greater digital sobriety, encourage accessibility…
  • Adopt responsible infrastructure management (networks, servers, data centers).
  • Adopt responsible data management.

4/ Becoming a benchmark player to support our customers in their Responsible Digital Transformation (products and services)

  • Promoting our commitment to Responsible Numerics to our partners and customers
  • Make the NR label a competitive advantage in the allocation of customer referrals
  • Decline and promote NR in all our commercial offers
  • Develop new NR services

5/ Extending our Responsible Digital approach

  • Leveraging digital technology to deliver solutions that have a positive impact on people and the environment (It for Green, IT for good).
  • Be a player in the NR ecosystem
  • Develop skills sponsorship by making employees available to the Shift Project
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