Understand the various techniques for exploiting visual data with a view to adding value.

Since 2015, computer vision has revolutionised our relationship with the “digital” image. Stable Diffusion (génération, 2022), YOLOv8 (détection, 2023), NeRF (3D, 2020), FOCAL (deepfake, 2022), etc. constituent aujourd’hui une offre de référence dans les plus grands domaines de la Vision par ordinateur.

However, applying vision to business problems proves difficult, not least because image data is inherently unstructured. Companies must, therefore, anticipate three major challenges: acquiring specific knowledge of image processing models, the expertise and infrastructure resources, sovereignty of solutions and data protection to secure uses.

The HeadMind Partners AI & Blockchain Vision team has mastered the various techniques for exploiting companies’ visual data. It develops its technologies in-house and adapts them to suit each client’s specific circumstances.

Our solutions

Génération et détection de deepfakes

This is an innovative solution designed to generate and detect deepfakes to prevent future dangers that could arise in companies.


A product/object classification solution based on advanced image analysis.

Reconstruction 3D

The “3D Demonstration” offer lets you switch from 2D images to 3D representations.

Transfert de styles

This solution helps designers and other creative professionals to extract a range of colours or patterns from a series of illustrations and integrate them into an original production.

Video Analysis

This solution analyses video content and extracts the most important moments according to the client’s priorities.

Client Benefits

  • Rapid access to state-of-the-art image and video generation and enhancement capabilities
  • Transform visual data into valuable, exploitable information,
  • A living, evolving knowledge base, essential for companies’ innovation and operational efficiency.


Time dedicated to R&D and development of in-house solutions, made available to companies.


  • A pool of PhD students and engineers, all experts in the field of vision (generation, 3D, audio, segmentation, detection and classification).
  • State-of-the-art in-house infrastructure, including state-of-the-art solutions and servers equipped with latest-generation GPUs
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