Trusted Information System

Ensuring the utmost confidentiality in undertaking high-value-added audit and consulting assignments.

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The intensification of digital uses and the professionalization of the cyber threat today require companies, like all private and public organizations, to increase the security of their conventional Information Systems (IS). Implementing IS to protect sensitive information appears to be an operational solution to these regulatory constraints, and to threats that are constantly developing.

As the geopolitical context becomes more unstable, the question of strategic autonomy – i.e. the ability of an entity to have the means to preserve its vital interests, while continuing to interact with its partners – is becoming increasingly important for management bodies.

HeadMind Partners has positioned itself as a leading, trusted player. The company’s commitment also takes the form of sustained investment to provide an appropriate technical environment: a Trusted Information System approved for “Restricted Distribution”, which ensures the utmost confidentiality of our work during high value-added audit and consulting assignments.

4 main components for a trusted IS

Taking physical safety into account

The offer leverages the hosting and high value-added hosting services production skills of long-standing partner AntemetA. It also relies heavily on the physical security of HeadMind Partners’ premises. Specific refurbishment work to their offices has made it possible to open work rooms with secure access.

Investment in people to enable scaling up

Work on the Trusted IS has enabled us to strengthen the skills of the firm’s support functions (IT and ISS teams), which are responsible for maintaining the system in an operational and secure condition.

Demanding, fully documented procedures

Information handling processes are largely based on an Information Security Management System audited annually by an external body (ISO 27001 certification). The robustness of these systems is reinforced by the specific requirements for handling information approved for Restricted Distribution.

High-level technological capability

With the implementation of certified sovereignty solutions that deliver a high-quality user experience within a demanding security framework (including Stormshield firewall, Wallix administration bastion, Gatewatcher trusted network probe, Allentis TAP, and Prim’X Zed! secure container).

Our assignment references


Conducting security audit campaigns involving configuration, architecture, organisational and penetration testing.
The SI de Confiance, the Trusted IS, is a regulatory prerequisite. It enables interview notes to be drafted, evidence and audit findings to be collected and stored, and reports to be produced.


We carried out a consultancy assignment to support the creation of a homologation file for a sensitive information system through risk analyses and the creation of secure operating procedures while the key players were distributed over several geographical sites. Implementing a secure exchange platform enables information to be shared in complete confidentiality. It helps reduce costs and carbon footprint by limiting travel.

AI Innovation

Using innovation to enhance the value of a client’s strategic data. HeadMind Partners Data Scientists have implemented their AI engines on large datasets hosted on a Trusted IS. The use of an IS approved for Restricted Distribution, partitioned, with the implementation of fine-grained rights and access monitoring by the SOC, convinced the client to entrust them with their data in complete security.

Clients Benefits

HeadMind Partners’ Trusted Information System provides a strong response to the security issues that companies must address when carrying out audit and consulting services. It guarantees the use of state-of-the-art security resources in very high value-added services, a real differentiating factor in the market.

It reinforces the added value of other offerings:

  • the Audit offer has been strengthened to include audits requiring qualified Trusted Service Providers (PASSI audit) and a Restricted Distribution IS,
  • the Homologation, Cyber crisis management preparation, Architecture security and Risk management offers are also of value, as they also require a Restricted Distribution IS (PACS project).


Collective experience at the service of state-of-the-art intervention quality and innovation.


  • Strategic control: HeadMind Partners’ information system is hosted by a French service provider based in France. It is managed exclusively by French nationals authorised to maintain secrecy (PSDN)
  • Technical robustness: The functionalities and services this Trusted IS offers are based on French solutions, qualified or certified by ANSSI
  • Proven safety: The Trusted IS is approved at the “Restricted Distribution” level as defined by Inter-ministerial Instruction 901. External bodies appointed by ANSSI regularly audit this IS
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