Transformation Cloud & DevOps

Helping CIOs rethink and transform their infrastructures and processes in the cloud.

AccueilTransformation Cloud & DevOps

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are all committed to transforming their infrastructures (Cloud technologies) and processes (DevOps).

Against this backdrop, companies are looking to optimise their entire “build to run” chain, drawing on market solutions that offer agility, automation, and specific tooling. Given the heterogeneity of solutions, environments and processes, it is not always easy to identify and select the optimum solution.

HeadMind Partners supports companies in their IS decision-making (strategies, hosting providers, outsourcers, infrastructures, services, processes, etc.) and in implementing the resulting transformation projects.

Our solutions

Defining cloud strategy for CIOs
  • Creating a study of information systems and defining Cloud master plans in line with corporate objectives
  • Preparing and conducting calls for tenders from outsourcers and cloud providers
  • Defining the target operating model for CIOs’ teams to use and managing Cloud services in a DevOps context
Building CIOs’ cloud transformations and helping them to adopt them
  • Promoting and implementing DevOps practices adapted to the cloud
  • Defining the offers to be included in the IT Department CIO’s service catalogue
  • Leading migration projects in collaboration with Cloud and DevOps teams
Managing Cloud assets
  • Managing cloud outsourcers and service level agreements
  • Controlling provisioning and decommissioning, monitoring consumption and optimising licensing
  • Process change management, activity supervision, incident management, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage a virtual IT infrastructure

Clients Benefits

  • Recognised expertise in developing cloud strategies > Bringing projects to a successful conclusion
  • Strong synergy between the digital transformation and cybersecurity teams > Ensuring production complies with the security levels companies seek and at every stage in the evolution of their IT infrastructures and processes
  • Training and certification of consultants in business and cloud issues > Making them operational and relevant as soon as they arrive in the working environment


Capitalize on our experts’ knowledge, by producing transposable toolkits that can be used to continuously upgrade consultants’ skills (white papers, best practices, methodology, certification training materials, etc.).


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