Service Management

Optimising the quality and efficiency of digital services to improve end-user satisfaction.

To keep pace with today’s technological disruptions and remain competitive, the CIOs of major groups need to increase the performance levels of the services they provide to their operational departments.

CIOs need to provide a structured, consistent approach to managing IT service processes. It is therefore necessary to strike a balance between providing quality services and managing costs and resources. In addition, companies must comply with safety regulations and standards.

HeadMind Partners’ experts can intervene on the full range of production issues, from improving Time To Market to increasing the perceived value of the services provided and production capacity.

Our solutions

CIO’s processes and tool audits
  • Taking stock of IT organization, infrastructures and applications
  • Identify and qualify the building sites required for the transformation according to the various fields sought.
ITIL process standardisation

Define the target according to market best practices and company specifics, documenting the process:

  • Scope & definitions
  • Mapping a SIPOC diagram
  • Activities & Workflow
  • RACI tool
  • Governance and continuous improvement
  • Employee change management
Transforming ITSM tools
  • Writing requirements
  • RFP management
  • Deployment, installation and acceptance of tools and their administration
Service Management
  • Maintaining and operating day-to-day production on all run layers as efficiently as possible, while securing crisis management processes
  • Ongoing suggestions for development and improvement

Clients Benefits

  • Improved productivity for CIO’s teams
  • Easier to operate, maintain and upgrade services, and reduced Time to Market
  • Guaranteed quality of service (QoS)
  • Improved collaborator client satisfaction scores (NPS)
  • Standardisation and centralisation of all production activities in ITSM tools
  • Securing resilience, obsolescence and compliance
  • Easier reporting and control of Service Management budgets
  • Regulatory compliance


Production of toolkits that can be re-used by companies, enabling consultants to continuously upgrade their skills.


More than thirty consultants are available to meet the Think/Build/Run needs of major groups in public and private cloud environments.

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