Security by Design

Efficiently integrating cybersecurity into projects right from the design phase.

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Data and systems security is a crucial issue for companies in all sectors. It is essential that they identify all initiatives impacting their IT assets and data, and then raise awareness among stakeholders so that all digital risks are taken into account during projects.

In order to be as efficient as possible, a cyber analysis must take into account the heterogeneous technological, organizational, regulatory and methodological contexts (V Method, AGILE, DevSecOps…) of companies.

With nearly 15 years’ experience in “Security By Design”, HeadMind Partners has strong convictions for effectively addressing this issue.

Our service catalogue

Safety certification

To determine project security requirements

  • Conducting a preliminary investigation to understand the project context
  • Understanding business challenges and defining feared events and impacts
  • Evaluating safety criteria and determining the level of security support required
  • Sharing project-specific safety requirements
Risk assessment

To identify ISS project risks and remediation measures

  • Identifying and assessing risks using impact and probability scales
  • Defining a remediation plan to reduce the level of unacceptable risks
  • Monitoring deployment of the measures identified
  • Validating the level of residual risk with project stakeholders
Third party

To establish the ISS responsibilities of service providers

  • Identifying the risks associated with outsourced services
  • Ensuring service providers’ security compliance with customer and state-of-the-art security requirements
  • Defining a third-party compliance action plan and ensuring it is followed up
  • Including appropriate safety clauses in contracts
Managing safety audits

To manage security audits and follow up on remediation plans

  • Ensuring the quality of code deployed in production
  • Evaluating the security of applications simulating attack scenarios 
  • Monitoring the remediation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Validating remediation status before going into production

Our solutions

Déploiement d’une équipe complète
de 2 à 30 experts
  • An operational manager responsible for client relations, assignment staffing and service governance
  • Referents, experts in Security by Design and privileged project contacts
  • Analysts, in charge of drafting sensitive deliverables safely and securely and facilitating workshops
  • A single point of contact is in charge of capturing and distributing subjects within the system
A fixed-price Build Security by Design intervention to analyse a client’s existing processes, documents and tools
  • Literature review and interviews with key contacts
  • The production of a report containing fresh observations and insights from an outside observer’s point of view and prioritised proposals for improvement
  • Producing the documents required for starting up or resuming business
  • PoC on two projects
A fixed-price Run Security by Design service

Support for a defined number of projects and production of associated deliverables on a fixed-price basis.

One or more Security by Design consultants, integrated into the existing client methodology.

One or more Security by Design consultants, integrated into the existing client methodology.

Clients Benefits

  • Cyber risks to projects, and consequently to assets and data, are kept under control
  • A global, consistent view of risks to critical projects and assets
  • The awareness of project stakeholders, and in particular the Professionals, who bear the risks, is raised
  • Dealing with the “Shadow IT” issue
  • Reinforced monitoring of risk remediation actions
  • Industrialisation of operating methods to improve costs while maintaining service quality


  • An in-house R&D LAB of 30 consultants to capitalise on existing resources and mobilise and support consultants
  • An enhanced Security by Design analyst tool, developed in-house and capitalising on the thousands of risk analyses the firm has delivered


Over 100 consultants a year trained in Security by Design using the pragmatic approach developed by HeadMind Partners, and over 20 consultants a year certified to ISO27005 or EBIOS RM

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