Preparing for business continuity to guarantee an organisation’s survival
in the face of a major crisis

An organisation’s ability to withstand a cyber crisis is now a factor that managers must consider when planning their development strategies. While resilience is a vital need, it is now becoming a legal obligation for many organisations, therefore, at the heart of corporate strategy.

The consequences of an attack are manifold and often complex: total or partial unavailability of digital services, data leakage, economic, legal, operational or image impact, etc. Good crisis management does not allow for improvisation. Companies need to prepare and equip themselves with tools and practice in a structured way.

With over 20 years of experience in cyber security consulting for major organisations across all sectors and an in-depth understanding of different organisational models, HeadMind Partners’ specialists have developed a structured, proven approach to helping companies anticipate and manage a Cyber crisis, whether it is operational or IT-related.

Our solutions

Operational resilience
  • Support the organization’s management in drawing up a Business Continuity Policy
  • Draw up a Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Define a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), defining the strategies to be deployed, as well as roles and responsibilities in the event of the occurrence of given risks.
Résilience IT
  • Help set up an ISP
  • Define and monitor action plans to control risk areas
  • Formalize technical restart sheets
  • Define test strategies
  • Manage projects linked to fast isolation (red button) and emergency backup processes
  • Perform DRP capacity diagnostics for given applications
  • Provide expertise and support for the implementation of Resilience by Design processes
Gestion de crise
  • Define a crisis plan (crisis management plan, communication plan, directories, reflex cards, crisis management tools, etc.)
  • Conduct crisis management exercises based on a variety of scenarios
Diagnostic de la maturité

Cross-disciplinary offer – cyber-resilience of organizations (ISO 22301) with definition of associated action plans, as well as comparisons of resilience solutions.

Clients Benefits

  • Clearly defined business and IT plans and strategies for crisis management, communication, backup management, business continuity and IT recovery.
  • Raising awareness and training members of the crisis management team
  • Realistic exercises and tests adapted to needs, business sectors and current main threats
  • Resilience-related systems and governance


An experienced team of some forty multi-disciplinary profiles (technical, business and legal), providing a holistic approach to Resilience.


Skills enhancement for Resilience consultants supervised by ISO 22301-certified consultants during training sessions (e.g., business continuity, crisis management exercises) and supplemented by providing “starter kits” that allow consultants to become operational in their new assignments quickly.

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