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Product Management was born out of the need to manage the development and marketing of products and services in a more structured and strategic way, particularly in the fast-changing digital marketplace.

The main objective of product management is to define the vision, strategy and characteristics of a product in order to meet customer needs and corporate objectives, while remaining competitive and innovative in the marketplace.

To achieve this, HeadMind Partners’ experts work with customers on a daily basis, building, steering and managing their digital products and services in order to bring value to the product for the customer and the company at every stage of its lifecycle: building the product vision, steering development, product life, content management.

Our solutions

Product marketing
  • Product definition
  • Creation and monitoring of KPIs
  • Product watch
  • Framing of functional requirements
  • MVP definition and product iterations
  • Product vision roadmap
User experience
  • User path definition
  • UX/UI workshops
  • Validation of wireframes and mock-ups
  • Focus groups
Product development
  • Product prioritization : PI Planning, continuous improvement, management of cross-functional developments
  • Product delivery: facilitation of agile ceremonies, writing of US and backlog management, acceptance testing and pro documentation
Workshop animation
  • Agile methods: SCRUM, SAFe, WSJF prioritization method
  • Brainstorming methods: Design Thinking, product board, discovery / OKR
Content management
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
  • Digital asset management: Data Asset Management

Clients Benefits

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise: Our HeadMind Partners experts possess a diverse range of skills, from organizational auditing to change management, ensuring a comprehensive, integrated approach at every stage of transformation.
  • Customized adaptability: Our bespoke approach ensures that each solution is tailored specifically to your needs. We make it our priority to respect scope/time/budget requirements, and ensure that teams adopt the solution and maintain control of the project portfolio and roadmap (PMO).
  • Reactivity to change: Our monitoring ensures that your organization remains responsive to changes in the market and internal needs, guaranteeing sustainable transformation.
  • Resource Optimization: By establishing solid business cases, we help you to allocate your resources wisely, maximizing return on investment and minimizing potential risks.
  • Performance Measurement and Transparency: We define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the real impact of the transformation, providing transparent visibility on progress made.


Our “down to earth” methodological know-how is reflected in our skills clusters, made up of experts in UX/UI, Product Management, AI, CRM and Data.


  • Our mastery of the context is forged through numerous assignments within major Customer Experience, Marketing, Digital and Customer Relationship Departments, where our consultants understand the complexity of various business sectors such as retail, luxury goods, industry, banking, insurance and services.
  • Certified experts: PSPO 1, SAFe POPM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google Analytics
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