Reconciling the constraints of industrial environments and their protection to facilitate their convergence with conventional IT.

Over the past 10 years, however, this situation has evolved, with systems that are increasingly connected to office information systems to address issues such as zero stock, goods customisation and production management.

To ensure their security, companies have to deal with a whole range of issues: equipment configuration, system architecture, cyber processes and documentation.

L’expertise d’HeadMind Partners en Cybersécurité adossée à une connaissance fine des environnements industriels et de leurs systèmes permet à ses experts d’adopter une approche adaptée aux contraintes spécifiques de ces 2 domaines.
HeadMind Partners’ expertise in cybersecurity, backed by in-depth knowledge of industrial environments and their systems, enables its experts to adopt an approach tailored to the specific constraints of these 2 fields.

Our solutions

Industrial systems auditing in FAT, SAT and Commissioning
  • Configuration audit
  • Architecture review
  • Audit of operational procedures
  • Organizational and physical audit
Support for Greenfield & Brownfield engineering projects
  • Third-party management
  • Risk analysis
  • Deviation/derogation management
Equipment hardening
  • Drafting of security guidelines for industrial systems equipment
  • Creation of standardized secure configuration (master)
OT security program
  • Diagnosis of the security maturity of industrial sites (panel or overall)
  • Creation of security roadmaps following cyber diagnostics
  • Program management: responsible for technical choices of security systems
  • PoC support: solution testing

Clients Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of production downtime > Limit the risk of revenue loss
  • Protect manufacturing secrets > Prevent espionage on production equipment
  • Protect the company’s people and property > Avoid endangering employees and property
  • Ensure compliance with standards/regulations such as GXP, TS 50 701, ISO 21434


Collective experience at the service of state-of-the-art intervention quality and innovation.


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