Next Generation Networks

Supporting CIOs in the design, implementation and transformation of networks to guarantee their security and resilience.

AccueilNext Generation Networks

Businesses’ digital needs are changing dramatically with the growth of cloud infrastructures, the multiplication of SaaS applications, increased workplace flexibility, and the growing convergence of industrial and office networks.

While network infrastructures are still highly structured, they need to be adapted to meet new needs. Data security and obsolescence management are also key concerns for companies. It is, therefore, important to develop the network offering.

Headmind Partners has over 20 years’ experience in providing support for network issues across the entire network chain: local networks, metropolitan networks, wide area networks. Our experts also work with security teams to manage firewalls, network segregation and routing.

Our solutions

Transforming networks to SD-WAN
  • SWAN Network Master Plan and Roadmap
  • “Make or Buy” SD-WAN opportunity study
  • WAN and SD-WAN tenders
  • Deployment/migration of links and services
Strengthening site resilience
  • Additional fibre, radio and satellite links
  • Off-the-shelf quick-start solutions and Disaster Recovery Plan (CPE 4G/5G)
Overhaul of LAN and FirmWare architectures in data centres
  • New data centre architectures
  • CSP, Express Route & Direct Connect tenders
  • Calls for tenders from LAN and FW equipment manufacturers
  • Latest-generation FW implementation
  • Data centre migration
LAN renovation at user sites
  • Auditing existing systems and defining architectures
  • Implementing FlexConnect and Full Wifi
  • Industrial LAN and user LAN convergence

Clients Benefits

  • Upstream, with support in defining architectures and selecting suppliers and partners (RFI/RFP)
  • On deployment issues: project management and technical support
  • On Production & Run activities: network life management and reporting


A Lab to teach the basics of network architecture, with feedback from field experience, ensuring a balance between theory and case studies.


Capitalize on expert knowledge by producing toolkits. These can be re-used by companies and contribute to the continuous upgrading of consultants’ skills (white papers, collections of best practices, methodology, etc.).

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