Homologation and Conformity

Optimising compliance programmes.

AccueilHomologation and Conformity

In order to protect major corporations and citizens alike, governments and supervisory authorities are stepping up the number of cybersecurity regulations. Ensuring compliance with these regulations is now a top priority for corporate management.

The increasing risk of sanctions for non-compliance with regulations is causing many companies to halt or postpone projects. To deal with this problem, CISOs have to reconcile a multitude of regulations that often lack coherence between them.

Against this backdrop, HeadMind Partners’ experts bring dual expertise in cybersecurity and operational performance to ensure that regulatory compliance programs are optimized.

Our solutions

Implementation of an information security management system

Implementation of an information security management system to obtain ISO 27001 certification

LPM/IGI 1300/OTAN approved
  • Certifies that the risks to the security of this system have been identified and that the necessary measures to protect it have been implemented
  • Also certifies that any residual risks have been identified and accepted by the Certification Authority (CA)
Steering and coordinating a cybersecurity project or program

Steering and coordination of a cybersecurity project or program to guarantee compliance with a standard

Clients Benefits

  • Definition of a pragmatic approach adapted to each company’s context
  • Flexible organization that adapts to customer needs
  • Guaranteed quality of support in accordance with ISO9001 certification
  • Willingness to support and develop partnerships with companies over the long term, while sharing expertise between different teams


A framework based on mission-proven risk analysis to accelerate deliverables and ensure high production quality.


More than 180 experts in Certification & Compliance, including some 30 LSTI-certified experts (ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor).

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