Digital Workplace

Offering employees the best possible “Digital Workplace” while ensuring efficient business continuity.

Companies have considerably accelerated the migration of “digital workplaces” in recent years to meet the challenges of teleworking, secure working environments and employee performance.

Against this backdrop, it is essential for companies to prepare for these developments in order to continually optimize the user experience and modernize the working environment for their employees. The challenge for employers is to ensure business continuity at every stage of these developments.

HeadMind Partners experts have in-depth knowledge of the entire digital project value chain. This expertise enables them to make a valuable contribution throughout the lifecycle of a Digital Workplace project, from developing solutions (audits, governance) to their operational implementation (deployments, business as usual).

Our solutions

Supporting users
  • Adopting a user-centric approach
  • Organising communication around changes to the digital workspace
  • Offering sustainable management of document databases
  • Identifying information relays within organisations
Simplifying and standardising the digital work environment
  • Generalising service catalogues
  • Securing digital workplaces
  • Training employees in IT best practices
  • Reducing maintenance and support costs
Evolving into a “Smart Workplace” 
  • Facilitating and securing remote user access
  • Adapting spaces to new working methods (e.g. flex office, co-working, agility, etc.)
  • Simplifying location changes
  • Promoting these new practices to increase the attractiveness of companies and enhance their employer brand
Orienting towards sustainable solutions

Supporting users and companies in implementing a responsible and sustainable working environment. This benefits the community as a whole: the company and its employees

Clients Benefits

  • HeadMind Patrners’ experts are specialized in management of digital projects, helping to advise customers throughout all phases of the project > Guarantee efficient coordination of resources, rapid execution and compliance with budgetary constraints
  • Backed by its expertise in cybersecurity, HeadMind Patrners is PASSI-LPM qualified by the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (French national agency for information systems security) > Take into account the protection rules required to safeguard business activities
  • Our consultants’ commitment to customer satisfaction > Positioning ourselves as a trusted partner in the efficient management of technological projects


A Lab dedicated to the study of “Digital Workplaces”, to anticipate and improve changes in the working environment.


To support companies in their technological challenges.

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