Data Valorisation

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Data is a source of growth for companies, which have stepped up the pace of their data team development in recent years. New ways of exploiting data have emerged over time, with data science and AI complementing the still-vibrant Business Intelligence.

Companies need to learn how to make the most of this data, using the various complementary tools available to them, so that they can use this wealth of data to distinguish themselves from the competition, personalize their interactions with customers, steer their activities and operate more efficiently.

HeadMind Partners experts are familiar with the entire data value chain. They are able to intervene across the entire data lifecycle to deal with all your data issues: setting up dashboards, analyzing and gaining insights from data, setting up and using tools to enable business units to analyze data.

Nos dispositifs

Identify Data use cases and draw up a Data master plan
  • Use data to achieve your strategic objectives and improve the operational efficiency of your teams
  • Assessing the business value of these use cases to identify “quickwins
  • Definition of the timetable for Data work and the implementation of tools to support this development
Modernizing your decision-making ecosystem
  • Benchmarks and choice of platform or data integrator
  • Adding new data or domains to your BI solution
  • Multidimensional modeling
  • Migration and optimization of your BI in the cloud
Dashboard as a Service” Center
  • Creation of steering tools to better understand and measure your business, identify weak points and improve performance
  • Audit of your dashboards and recommendation of best practices in relation to the state of the art
  • Migration of your current dashboards to another data viz technology
  • Support for governed BI self-service
Advanced analysis and exploration
  • Integrating data science to complement your BI solutions
  • Use data mining techniques to get your data talking
  • Perform predictive analysis
  • Réalisation d’analyses prédictives
Governance and change management
  • Setting up governance for dashboards and indicators (top-down and local dashboards)
  • Change management for dashboard adoption within the business lines

Clients Benefits

  • Benefit from a BI project approach that takes account of business challenges, timing and quality, and enables all players to be coordinated Experts, suppliers and integrators – because technology is not an end in itself, only a means of providing service to users.
  • Have an architecture and platforms that pave the way for AI and predictive intelligence > our BI know-how combined with our specialized AI skills will give you a head start
  • Rely on a trusted partner who is independent of market technologies and integrators


A lab to apply and benchmark the methodologies and tools we deploy for our customers, to produce toolkits that can be re-exploited by our consultants, and for the continuous upgrading of our consultants’ skills.


  • A team of over 90 specialized data consultants who have been working for major accounts in a wide range of sectors for over 10 years
  • A quality framework with our experts supervised by experienced consulting managers and certified PL-300 (Microsoft Data Analyst), guaranteeing a high level of delivery quality for each assignment and the firm’s ISO 27001 certification, which guarantees respect for the confidentiality of the data you entrust to us
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