Facilitating the use of personal and sensitive data while controlling data security.

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Perceived as a real competitive asset for companies, data also attracts the covetousness of cybercriminals and state services. The constant evolution of the technological environment is forcing us to adapt to new forms of technical organization: Cloud, IoT, Big Data, etc. This means that companies need to rapidly upgrade their skills in these emerging areas.

When it comes to securing data throughout its lifecycle (creation, life, deletion), companies need to think about the chain of governance for this information asset (discovery, classification, securing), as well as compliance and regulatory aspects.

To meet these challenges, HeadMind Partners’ offer is built around two main areas: data privacy, centered on the framework for personal data processing, and data protection, focused on the methodologies, processes and tools to be deployed to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data in use, in transit and at rest.

Our solutions

Data Privacy

Third-party and contract management

Third-party and contract management

Privacy by design

Implementing personal data protection processes in the company’s business processes (privacy impact analyses (DPIA), organisational and technical data security and management measures, etc.).

Assisting in the preparation of a documentation package

Drafting and deploying various procedures such as personal rights management, awareness-raising, data protection policy, data breach management, data purging, etc.

Data Protection

Garantir la confidentialité des données

Implementation of solutions to protect IS data against attacks (implementation and recommendations of encryption methods for data at rest and in transit). Implementation of tools and rules to prevent data leaks (Data Leakage Prevention)

Privacy Information Right Management

Installation of solutions to control access to and sharing of IS data (implementation of access control and monitoring based on user authorizations)


Deploy solutions to identify and map IS data


Implement solutions for classifying IS data according to sensitivity

Clients Benefits

  • Reduce costs by directly securing the most sensitive data in your IS via data mapping
  • Comply with regulations concerning the protection of personal data > Reinforce your image through the protection of employee and customer data
  • Guarantee data confidentiality and implement measures to detect data leaks
  • Avoid regulatory penalties for poor personal data management practices
  • Guarantee better control of security in data management processes


The Lab Data Security (center of expertise) was founded over 5 years ago within the firm, and over fifty consultants are trained in at least one of the themes on offer. Training courses are held throughout the year.


Detailed knowledge of processes handling personal data: impact analysis (DPIA), processing registers, processing sheets, etc. And data in general: classification, DLP, discovery, encryption, etc. We have successfully carried out assignments on these topics in a number of sectors.

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