Data Quality Management

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AI requires a huge amount of data to develop and exploit the models that are transforming our businesses. However, to exploit this data effectively, it is crucial to know it, understand it, control it, secure it and make it accessible to professionals.

Today, it’s essential that companies organize themselves to precisely define this data, improve its quality, classify it, and define responsibilities and processes to ensure its accuracy.

HeadMind Partners’ experts have complete expertise in the data value chain. They guide you in your transition to a data-driven approach, placing data at the heart of your business and making it available to your business teams so that they can derive maximum value from it.

Our solutions

Assessment, analysis and development of governance strategy
  • Comprehensive audit to map the data, organization and business processes of the existing information system
  • Definition of data governance strategy, including organization, roles, responsibilities, processes and roadmap
  • Support for the change process
Setting up centralized platforms

Recommendations and supervision of the implementation of architectures and systems to manage data quality and availability: MDM (Master Data Management), Data Catalog, DMP (Data Management Platform), PIM (Product Information Management), ETL (Extract-transform-load), etc.

Data cleansing and migration
  • Improving data quality and ensuring compliance with business and regulatory constraints
  • Ensure efficient migration by identifying the target model, detecting and correcting errors before importing data into your new system

Clients Benefits

  • Maximize the value of data by desilvering it
  • Quality data and processes to maintain this quality over time
  • Master data repositories for greater efficiency
  • Control and secure your data
  • Rely on a trusted partner independent of market technologies and integrators


A Data Governance Lab dedicated to the in-house application of the methodologies and tools we deploy for our customers, and to the creation of reusable toolkits by our consultants, thus fostering ongoing skills development.


  • A team of over 90 specialist data consultants who have been working with major accounts in a wide range of sectors for over 10 years
  • A quality framework, with our experts supervised by experienced and certified consulting managers, guaranteeing a high level of delivery quality on every assignment, and the firm’s ISO 27001 certification guaranteeing respect for the confidentiality of the data you entrust to us
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