Cyber Defence

Organising and deploying lines of defence to detect and respond to cyber threats

Major corporations’ information systems (IS), essential to their business activities and production, are prime targets for those with malicious intent. Attacks are constant, and tools and techniques are increasingly sophisticated.

By adopting a cyber defence strategy, companies create a controlled line of defence against external threats and risks and comply with current regulations.

HeadMind Partners’ technical expertise in cyber threats enables its experts to support customers by deploying organizations (SOC, CSIRT), tools (SIEM, EDR, NDR…) and processes (incident management, vulnerability management).

Nos dispositifs

Defining effective cyber defence organisations and strategies
  • Identifying a cyber defence centre and a suitable target operating model
  • Project management and detection & response strategies
  • Carrying out thematic studies to integrate cyber defence into different contexts: cloud, IoT, AI, business applications, etc.
Giving advice on choosing the right tools and service providers, and on maximising their potential
  • RFI/RFP support for SOC/CSIRT managers
  • SOC audit & cyber defence maturity assessment
  • Product owner for cyber defence solutions
  • Technical assistance in choosing and using cyber defence tools
Steering large-scale cyber defence projects
  • SOC/CSIRT project manager
  • Project manager to deploy cyber defence tools (EDR, SIEM, SOAR, vulnerability scanner, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform, etc.).
Sourcing rare skills
  • Pilotage de la remédiation des vulnérabilités
  • Analyste SOC/CSIRT
  • Analyste CTI
  • Management de transition
  • Investigation numérique (FIR)

Clients Benefits

  • Back up in-house cyber defense teams with certified consultants trained in the state of the art of the market
  • Deploy SOC projects with a proven methodology to counter cyber-attacks
  • Evaluate and optimize regulatory and financial performance on cyber defense activities
  • Call on experts to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks


Integration into the cyber-defense ecosystem through participation in the Cyber Campus working groups on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and vulnerabilities.


Capacité à croiser le savoir-faire cyberdéfense avec les autres offres cybersécurité du cabinet, complétées par l’intervention régulière d’experts en OT, en IA, en audit de sécurité et en règlementation (LPM, NIS 2, GDPR, AI Act…)

Ability to cross-fertilize cyberdefense know-how with the firm’s other cybersecurity offerings, complemented by the regular involvement of experts in IoT, AI, security audits and regulations (LPM, NIS 2, GDPR, AI Act…)

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