Cloud Security

Guaranteeing the security of data and applications entrusted to Public Cloud providers.

The multiplication of CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) within a single company complicates the activities of security teams, and adds a considerable burden to guaranteeing an adequate level of security.

As a result, the IS teams of large enterprises need to ensure consistency in their security governance and guarantee effective supervision of all cloud environments.

Working on cloud security issues for many years, HeadMind Partners’ experts have developed a broad spectrum of knowledge, from governance to control and audit, risk modeling and operational security.

Our solutions

  • Cloud Azure security support
  • Security support for a public cloud migration project
Norms, Standards, Procedures, Guidelines
  • Drafting a Cloud Security policy
Risk modelling
  • Cloud security reference within project teams
  • Cyber Security PMO attached to the company’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)
  • Benchmarking of cloud security policies
Managing operational safety
  • Risk analysis of O365 according to ISO 27005 methodology and drafting of a hardening note on Microsoft’s Teams service.
Monitoring and tooling
  • Azure configuration audit and penetration testing of Azure APIs based on the ISO 19011 standard: 2018 (standard for audits) and Azure cloud experience
Controls and audits
  • Drafting of a hardening note on Microsoft’s Teams service
  • Cloud referent
  • Control automation in a multi-cloud environment (AWS and Azure)

Clients Benefits

  • Develop a risk model aligned with the customer’s specific context
  • Establish shared security governance with business managers
  • Produce applicable and pragmatic recommendations that take into account the specificities of different Cloud environments
  • Document and adapt cybersecurity processes to cloud velocity
  • Make maximum use of cloud providers’ technical capabilities
  • Automate control and validation of security-related changes


A dedicated “Trust IT” Lab, providing an external viewpoint based on observation of best practices in the marketplace.


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