AI Operations Centre

Control all operational systems through enhanced security and optimization.

AccueilAI Operations Centre

The industrialisation and digitisation of companies in recent years have led them to structure their work around complex processes. For companies, AI holds great promise for improving the performance of their systems and operational processes, but it also raises security issues.

There are three major challenges: Data collection methods, taking into account the variability of the sources, Having the expertise and cloud infrastructure resources (GPU servers), Ensuring control of solutions and data protection to secure usage.

As a trusted partner to its clients, the HeadMind AI Ops team develops and provides companies with state-of-the-art systems analysis solutions to make the most of their data.
AI Ops methods enable better control, security and optimisation of all processes.

Nos dispositifs

AI for Cyber
  • Blocking sensitive information from third-party services
  • Automatic classification of sensitive documents
  • Deep fakes generation and detection
Customer Knowledge
  • Customer segmentation
  • Churn detection
  • Personalised recommendations
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
Process Optimization
  • Optimum distribution of production across different sites
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Fault identification in production equipment
  • Interpreting algorithm predictions
  • Bias identification and correction

Client Benefits

  • A pool of experts who control the entire Artificial Intelligence value chain
  • Rapid access to state-of-the-art methods without needing costly R&D
  • Exploit the diversity of data coming from operational systems, providing business contacts with increased operational performance


Time dedicated to the research and development of proprietary solutions, a source of innovation and operational efficiency for companies.


  • A team made up of a pool of postgraduates and engineers, all experts in the field of AI Operations, with complete mastery of cloud services
  • Expertise in AI Ops issues:
    • Experience of numerous practical AI Ops use cases in a variety of sectors: Defence, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Luxury Goods, Industry, Telecoms, etc.
    • In-depth knowledge of effective strategies for deploying, integrating and monitoring AI Ops algorithms in customer environments.
  • A cutting-edge in-house infrastructure, subscriptions to the major clouds and state-of-the-art solutions
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