AI & Cyber

Protecting AI developed or acquired against cyber-attacks and leveraging AI to boost the performance of cyber teams.

Artificial Intelligence is a statistical approach to developing software solutions from available data. The main difference with traditional software is its ability and need to ingest large volumes of data. In this sense, traditional security measures can no longer fully control risks.

Artificial Intelligence cybersecurity must protect an organization’s digital assets, and also ensure operational resilience by being vigilant about the continuity of the digital supply chain.

HeadMind Partners’ AI & Blockchain practice was founded in 2019 to meet the new challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and reveal the potential of data. The firm capitalizes on these two areas of activity (AI & Cybersecurity) to reconcile the challenges of each. This is a real competitive advantage that confirms our positioning as a “trusted partner”.

Our solutions

Enhancing the security of corporate AI
  • Acculturating, training and identifying cyber experts and data scientists to raise awareness among cybersecurity and data teams of good practices for securing environments, data and models
  • Developing AI use cases for cybersecurity, protection, defence and maintenance of platform security (Performance) across the entire data protection cycle
  • Implementing governance around AI ethics and uses
  • Evaluation of AI systems with advanced algorithms and statistics, bias and error theory, knowledge of data science technologies and methods
Exploiting state-of-the-art AI technologies

Control and audits with advanced methods for assessing systems that escape conventional methods

Clients Benefits

  • Increase understanding of the technology and ensure that teams are trained in the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ensure that AI systems implemented within the company comply with current and future regulations
  • Facilitate cybersecurity teams’ access to relevant AI technologies, benefiting from proven experience
  • Optimize the capabilities of cybersecurity teams by automating low value-added tasks
  • Reduce processing time for false positives and detect cybersecurity weak signals
  • Have cyber referents integrated into data science projects to implement AI security measures


  • +200 cyber consultants trained in standard Machine Learning algorithms
  • +50 leading-edge AI engineers, PhDs or graduates of top engineering schools/universities


  • The leader in AI and Cyber expertise in France
  • High capacity for immediate mobilization
  • Knowledge of corporate security issues
  • Involvement in AI regulation and standardization
  • Increased team performance
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