Headmind Partners invites you to take part in the first Brain date

Published on 09/06/2022
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What is the Brain date?

The Brain date is a concept that flourished in the mind of Efficiency practice members. We identified the need to propose a format that would allow the participants to learn and share about a hot topic they’re experiencing in their organization but also create new contacts with peers from other companies.

In short, the Brain date is a format that is meant to be re-used to tackle different thematic areas while keeping knowledge sharing and networking as primary objectives.

What was the first Brain date about?

As a first topic, we decided to dive into the assessment of the Agile maturity of an organization.

Upstream preparation was needed in order to circumscribe the scope of the assessment we wanted to perform. Therefore, we defined 4 Agile areas: Technology, Human Resources, Resources management and Governance that provide a clear and benchmarkable basis to assess different organizations’ Agile maturity.

The topic selected for this 1st Brain date edition has been elected by Headmind Partners management as it is considered critical by numbers of clients we are working with.

Before going live with our customers, we decided to perform a dry-run with the help of Headmind colleagues playing the roles of our clients. We then invited our colleagues to attend the fictional Brain date to put our concept to a test and collect feed-back.

On D-Day, after we warmly welcomed our guests, an introduction about the subject of the day and the objectives of the workshop was given. Our workshop facilitator explained in details how, we, at Headmind Partners, determined the scope for this exercise.

We then entered in the core of the workshop where we assessed the Agile maturity of the attendees’ organizations by submitting them to a questionnaire. The outcome was that each client, depending on the calculated level of Agile maturity for each Agile area, was provided with a set of personalized recommendations to improve its situation.

Similarly to the recipe of a complex cocktail a mixologist would imagine to please a sophisticated customer, Headmind Partners can help each organization how to best meet its needs when it comes to the improvement of the 4 Agile areas so that it is adequately balanced.

What’s next?

After the success of this 1st Brain date experiment, our next step will be to invite a set of customers we have a strong relationship with. We aim to organize the first live Brain date this summer. And you could be our next guest! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested.

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