HeadMind Partners quality management system certified compliant to ISO 9001:2015 for Cyber Risk & Security

HeadMind Partners Cyber Risk & Security Business Unit is proud to announce its Quality Management System has been certified compliant with the new ISO 9001:2015 norm, and the scope extended to all managed assignments of the Cyber Risk & Security Business Unit.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our key goal: we must meet their current and future needs as we strive to reach out their expectations. Our objective is to ensure customers satisfaction by providing high quality services which meets financial, planning and specification requirements.

This certification highlights our level of quality that reflects our competence to reach our existing and potential customers expectations. As facts are better than a long speech: 8,4 is the average satisfaction ratio of our customer on Cyber Risk & Security managed services we have delivered in 2016!

We are happy to share this great news with everyone, and we wish you a great (and high quality) year 2017!

In term of ISO norm, we help our clients to be compliant to ISO 27001. Here is our advice to implement a information security management (ISM) system.

Written by Paul-Arnaud