6 tips to improve your customer experience

In a global market where information is everywhere and news travels fast, the success of your brand relies more than ever on the willingness of your customers to refer your brand within their own network. Therefore organizations must continuously invest in increasing their customer satisfaction by offering great customer experiences. It activates loyal customers to do the marketing for you. 

How to create a great customer experience (CX) for your products or services?

Customer experience can be defined as the appreciation of your customer during a series of interactions (or touch points) with your brand. In order to know if these interactions lead to a positive customer experience, there are several things that you (as a company) can do. It all starts with a thorough analysis of the likes, wishes, needs and wants of your customer. On top of that, a number of criteria should be used in order to determine the level of satisfaction of your customer in any situation. Experiences are generally labeled ‘great’ when they (are):

Creating great CX step by step, 6 tips

  • Determine a clear CX vision and approach supported by all levels of management.
  • Strengthen company-wide customer orientation by establishing a permanent CX-task force empowered to influence decision-making in all relevant business unit functions.
  • Review and improve your current customer journey(s) by redefining general business functions into personas, scenarios and touch points with a customer-centric focus.
  • Redesign your customer journey(s) based on these new personas, scenarios and touch points in order to generate the highest possible satisfaction. Embrace the input by front office employees.
  • Work on quick wins first in order to keep the momentum among staff and to retain support for further investment in customer-focused initiatives.
  • Regularly measure and communicate progress and results.

Keeping an eye on your CX level

Generally acknowledged to be the best indicator for customer loyalty is the Net Promotor Score (NPS). You can calculate the NPS for your customers by deducting the % of detractors (customers scoring your company between 0 and 6) from the % of promotors (scoring it between 9 and 10). NPS is simple to measure, straightforward to interpret and perfectly suitable for benchmarking and comparison over time. In addition to NPS, it is also valuable to set up both quantitative KPIs and qualitative indicators to measure customer satisfaction on journey-level.

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Author: Liesbeth Houthoofd, Consultant