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Responsible digital technology

The rise of new technological possibilities – Artificial Intelligence, connected objects, cloud, big data, robotics, etc. – is transforming the landscape in which businesses operate.

Faced with the challenge of protecting the environment and addressing climate change, controlling and protecting digital assets, and managing human resources and legal risks, responsible digital technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of business projects.

Our vision

Your challenges :

  • Improve the sustainability of your business approach: sober behaviour
  • Optimise the use of IT equipment and hosting: asset sobriety
  • Reducing your digital carbon footprint through industrial processes, tools and organisations
  • Affirm your commitment to eco-responsibility by taking part in the labelling process and complying with new regulations
  • Maximise your environmental impact gains at minimum cost

Our solutions:

Measurement, analysis, solution for carbon footprint reduction

Support labelling

Responsible digital technology

Awareness raising and training in Responsible Digital Technologies

Transformation and optimisation of your IT assets

Our strenghts

A project-oriented approach

Consultants with the DNA to lead projects, from scoping to deployment

Mastered Agile methodologies.

A team of experts

With passion and conviction, our team supports you in the decarbonization of your company through digital sobriety.

Our talents combine scientific excellence with a pragmatic understanding of your operational realities.

A labelled approach

In keeping with the teachings of the Institute of Responsible Digital Technology, our consultants will provide you with knowledge of the issues and best practices of Responsible Digital Technology.

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