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Move to Cloud

HeadMind Partners supports CIOs/CTOs wishing to speed up and industrialise deployment of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

After a decade of outsourcing IT assets to public clouds, French businesses wish to reclaim cloud services, in the face of a booming market.

According to Gartner, the global cloud computing market reached $270 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $332 billion in 2021.

Our vision

How to ensure a trusted, transparent, efficient and secure cloud solution?

Choosing the Cloud Migration offer means being able to:

  • Implement high value-added cloud services (agility with containers, elasticity with hybrid clouds, etc.), aligned with the company’s strategy and the needs of IT users.
  • Protect your information system by deploying the best practices for security and resilience (choice of data location/GDPR, network segmentation, backup plan, etc.)
  • Reduce operating costs by implementing Finops optimization processes

Our solutions

Cloud master plan

Cloud services catalogue

Change management

Cloud financial optimisation

Our strenghts

A User Centric approach

This approach will help accelerate your transformation from cloud consumer to Cloud Service Provider for your business.

Independence from leading industry players

HeadMind Partners is an independent company. As such, we do not prescribe technical solutions and can support our clients in their sovereign cloud deployment.

Our sustainable solutions portfolio

Develop a portable cloud offer that avoids vendor lock-in.

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