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Nowadays, customer experience is overtaking price as key brand differentiator, to such extent that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a personalized and seamless experience across their customer journey.

This is not surprising given the digital revolution and the crisis context the world is facing. It came up that consumers have become progressively more familiar communicating with brands and doing cross-channel shopping.

Our vision

At Headmind Partners, we are aware of the importance of having well-developed tools and methodologies that gather and process data in real time. Indeed, these tools make it easier for businesses to meet customers’ needs.

  • Support our clients in understanding how to disrupt the status quo and question the current strategies
  • Set up and improve journeys to make customers feel recognized and understood
  • Invent new effortless and flawless shopping experiences
  • Give importance to company’s actions and societal engagements

Our solutions

Persona definition

Touchpoints assessment

Points of friction decrease

Understand, Analyze, Plan

Our strenghts

A consultancy approach

When it comes to customer journey improvements, our consultants always start to assess the current situation. Together with the customer, they define the objectives and define the plan with clear deliverables for the mission.

An inspiration from worldwide benchmarks

Our Customer Journey experts are permanently screening the market with innovative best practices from many sectors. This helps them to get ‘out of the box’ ideas for the implementation plan.

A pragmatic methodology

Our recommendations are always shared with our customers throughout the project. This way, it helps us to come with a feasible and down to heart plan for the run phase of the project.

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